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Fuel'd is determined to protect any data provided by our consumers.

This data protection & privacy policy corresponds to the personal information provided by consumers to the website or any of the ordering platforms and services Fuel'd offers; This ACT covers all the information that are collected from all the branches of Fuel'd.

1. Fuel'd collects personal information only when it is necessary in our business operations and transactions with consumers.
Personal Information that is being collected are as follows:

a. Name
b. Contact Number
c. Address (Work/Home)
d. E-mail

2. Any sensitive information will be disregarded by Fuel'd unless consented and is practical and reasonable for Fuel'd to utilize during a business transaction.

3. Should Fuel'd acquire any customer personal information from a third-party or someone else, Fuel'd will take necessary procedures and actions in advising you how the information was acquired and how we will use your information.

4. Consumers will have their rights of their own information, any information being utilized by Fuel'd will only be under the consent of the provider;

Fuel'd only discloses necessary information to trusted third-party contracted delivery services (KJB) and will only be disclosed upon customer's consent, in which the following information is being disclosed:

a. Name
b. Contact Number
c. Delivery Address
d. E-mail
e. Transaction Amount/Mode of Transaction

Information acquired by Fuel'd may be used in:
1. Deliveries - gathering your name and contact number, addresses in order to process an order and provide it to the necessary third-party contractor for the delivery. 

2. Pick-up orders - your name and contact number will be acquired in order for us to process your order, and contact you regarding your order/s should there be anything that requires us to do so.

3. Operational and data gathering for further analytics of products being sold over a certain period of time. Bookings, table reservations 

4. For legal purposes, Fuel'd is also responsible to fulfill and obey the request of disclosure of information should it be required by legal authorities of the Government of Brunei Darussalam.

Should there be any concerns regarding our Privacy Policies,
please feel free to send an e-mail to

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